Ten Ways To Manage Your Emotions

Ten Ways To Manage Emotions

In Chinese medicine, too much joy and happiness can precipitate heart problems. The idea is to sustain moderation in all things, including feelings.

Recently I was granted a marvelous opportunity. When I received news of this I immediately went into chest pains. Fortunately my heart is fine. But I had to receive energy medicine and acupuncture to ease the discomfort. Too much adrenaline caused some problems.

This was a wake up call. I had to learn ways to handle strong feelings. The following is a list of personal strategies that may be helpful when dealing with excess anger, fear, and happiness.

1. When a situation arises that has the potential of eliciting overwhelming emotions, one can simply say “that’s interesting.” Suppose you are having a dinner party and the chocolate cake comes out a flop. Instead of going into a complete sense of failure, call it a learning experience.

2. Learn to say “oh well.” One Saturday morning an important person called me and left a message on my phone. I was ecstatic for at least a week. Calling upon “oh well” brought me back to reality.

3. Network with others who can help shed light on bringing situations into a different light.. There are many support groups around that enable people to bring a new perspective on life challenges.

4. Mental health professionals are not the only ones who can help. Sometimes the grandmother down the street can share her words of wisdom and guidance.

5. Learn to laugh. Humor often brings healing and a change of viewpoint.

6. Set up a daily time to meditate. A calm spirit is one that is open to the messages God has to give us.

7. Learn the value of taking out the trash. The great Buddha said “be enlightened and chop wood.” Not too many people chop wood these days so taking out the trash is a good substitute.

8. Learn to define exactly what you are and what you are not willing to do. Be comfortable with setting limits for self and for others. Life will then be much calmer and free of unnecessary excitement. Boring is good. Calm is good. Being free from the Sarah Bernhardt drama syndrome will produce a welcome sense of serenity.

9. Stay in contact with family and friends. This extended branch of connectedness can lead to health, stability, and a feeling of wholeness.

10. Choose to have healthy connections with people. Surrounding oneself with positive friends provides many opportunities to grow and prosper. Learn to laugh with people, Learn to share their dreams, their hopes, and their aspirations. Life does not have to be ninety percent high insight moments. It can consist of the simple pleasures like chocolate, laughter, a good movie, and plain old fashioned fun.