All About The Empower Network

If you are a regular visitor of the internet, then you can never fail to come across the words Empower Network. It is true to say that these two words have caused a stir among many internet browsers. This has also lead to the rise of many websites that try to explain what it is and how it functions.

The rise of all these sites is positive since it aims to educate many people about the benefits of this initiative. Much has been said about it. However, if you are a keen observer of such articles that give such information, you might discover some limitations that ought to be corrected in this piece of writing.

Most websites will give you shallow information about this system and its significance. These articles are based on outlining the points without giving many details. This main reason motivated the writer to come up with an informative piece of writing that sheds more light about this scheme and its benefits for the members.

This alternative was founded by David Wood. At the first stages of its launch, not many people knew about it. The online marketing scene had lost the confidence of the public because of various reasons. Most members were not realizing the benefits of ordinary marketing schemes. However, its popularity started to rise because of the following reasons.

This project mainly concentrates on giving the members the power to control their business. As the name suggests, the new member is given the power to run the promotion. For those who are interested in joining, the administration launches a blog for the new arrival. This means that there is no need to form a website. After that, the new arrival is given some educational tips to make sure that they know how to progress.

Expertise and experience are not considered when registering. You will be assured of earning hefty pay, just by running the blog. The education given by these experts is meant to teach you how to attract bloggers to check the products. Then, per every sale, you earn from it.

Earning is obviously the best part of this process. This opportunity offers the chance for the marketers to earn from their efforts. If you have ever heard of a hundred percent commission, then this is the option you have been hearing of. It gives you whatever you have earned, without reducing any percent. Normally, it is very rare to find firms that give their members the whole amount from what they have toiled for. Usually, such firms will want to have a share, and of course, they will take the larger percentage. But for this alternative, you are allowed to enjoy full commission of work done.

You might be wondering how Empower Network pays the members. In fact, these members can control how they earn. The income is generated anytime a sale is done. Similarly, the money is taken to the bank and processed into your account. This means that you become self employed.

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Ten Ways To Manage Your Emotions

Ten Ways To Manage Emotions

In Chinese medicine, too much joy and happiness can precipitate heart problems. The idea is to sustain moderation in all things, including feelings.

Recently I was granted a marvelous opportunity. When I received news of this I immediately went into chest pains. Fortunately my heart is fine. But I had to receive energy medicine and acupuncture to ease the discomfort. Too much adrenaline caused some problems.

This was a wake up call. I had to learn ways to handle strong feelings. The following is a list of personal strategies that may be helpful when dealing with excess anger, fear, and happiness.

1. When a situation arises that has the potential of eliciting overwhelming emotions, one can simply say “that’s interesting.” Suppose you are having a dinner party and the chocolate cake comes out a flop. Instead of going into a complete sense of failure, call it a learning experience.

2. Learn to say “oh well.” One Saturday morning an important person called me and left a message on my phone. I was ecstatic for at least a week. Calling upon “oh well” brought me back to reality.

3. Network with others who can help shed light on bringing situations into a different light.. There are many support groups around that enable people to bring a new perspective on life challenges.

4. Mental health professionals are not the only ones who can help. Sometimes the grandmother down the street can share her words of wisdom and guidance.

5. Learn to laugh. Humor often brings healing and a change of viewpoint.

6. Set up a daily time to meditate. A calm spirit is one that is open to the messages God has to give us.

7. Learn the value of taking out the trash. The great Buddha said “be enlightened and chop wood.” Not too many people chop wood these days so taking out the trash is a good substitute.

8. Learn to define exactly what you are and what you are not willing to do. Be comfortable with setting limits for self and for others. Life will then be much calmer and free of unnecessary excitement. Boring is good. Calm is good. Being free from the Sarah Bernhardt drama syndrome will produce a welcome sense of serenity.

9. Stay in contact with family and friends. This extended branch of connectedness can lead to health, stability, and a feeling of wholeness.

10. Choose to have healthy connections with people. Surrounding oneself with positive friends provides many opportunities to grow and prosper. Learn to laugh with people, Learn to share their dreams, their hopes, and their aspirations. Life does not have to be ninety percent high insight moments. It can consist of the simple pleasures like chocolate, laughter, a good movie, and plain old fashioned fun.

Four of the Most Common Objections You Will Hear in Network Marketing

Let me say in over 9 years of Network Marketing, I will tell you I may have heard them all. But I will try to shed light on four of the biggest objections and I feel that you will find that most all other objections will lead you back to these in another form. I will start out saying, that even understanding the objections, does not mean you will get everyone into your business. It is just life, and you need to move on from them until they change the way they think. I will say someone’s perspective is their reality, and you can not change their reality for them, only they can once they find a flaw in it. I hope that this will be read by readers that may question the industry and may want to learn more and maybe become open to the idea of the industry.

1) The first objection I will start out with is “Oh, not one of those Network Marketing or MLM things, I know so many people that tried that and they are all scams!”. Now, this is a big one. When you say everything in a group is alike, and stereotyping generally is not true. I have hear if you l”, “every”, “nobody”, “everyone” and anything that includes or excludes everything can be proven as an untruth. Think of some of the stereotypes you may have heard, “White men can’t dance”, but what about Fred Astaire? “All black men are only good at basketball”, but what about Tiger Woods or better yet Gary Coleman. I am sure you can find black men that do not care about basketball or may not excel at it and other people are better at the sport. Now, these two may be extreme, but I just wanted to make a point that if it is always bad or good, someone will find a way to improve it. I could say all Toyota cars are junk, but in the light of current news, you know Toyota will resolve their problems and may produce even better cars. And just because you may have a Toyota and it has problems, probably will not keep people from driving a vehicle. Now, there are many good companies, but you need to find the company for you. If you wear a size extra large, it does not mean you can fit into a kids small shirt. You have to find a company that you fit into, and not be all about the money. You must believe in the product. This is where I will tell you that I get upset with all the networking companies, because they hype the incomes and that is the reason most people see the money and because of greed, they get into the wrong companies because they could care less about the products. If you are in a company, and find this true, you should take a look in the mirror and ask, are you providing value to those you are getting the product to? If not, find a better fit for you. If it is a product to make money and it does not work for you, you are lying to the people you are getting to spend money with you and they will leave and they will say to people they know, “it is a scam”.

2) The second objection I would like to talk about is “I do not want to sell to all my friends and family”. When I get this comment, it excites me. Even though 95% of the in company trainings will tell you, read the book “Your First Year In Network Marketing, by Mark Yarnell”, and it is all about friends and family. Just like I was talking about in the first objection, when you find a problem with something you perfect it. This is one area that when the book was written, had merit in the time. The book needs to be updated by true marketers and authors, but that is why I love this site, because I can shed light on the information and it can be updated. People that work with me in my networking businesses and training, get this because the world is changing every day, and you have to change with it. If you truly want to build a business, say it is a restaurant, would you only tell your friends and family to eat at it? If it was a woman’s clothes store, would you tell all your male friends to come shop there? This is where I will tell you to profile who is your customer and learn to market to them. You really need to do this in your networking business and learn the proper way to do this and your business will be on steroids.

3) The third objection you will hear is, I do not have the money to start a business like this. Now, often, this can be overcome because it is not really about the money. If you were told you needed a medical treatment to live and you had to have it in the next 10 days, I bet anyone could find a way to come up with the money. Sometimes, it is that they do not want to think outside of the box. Now, most countries have benefits to the small business owner. Let the government help you get started. Most of the businesses do not cost much to get started. Again, you will have to search for the company for you. Now, also, if you do not have the money, you probably are looking for a second or third job, and how much will that cost you? You will need money to eat, clothes, childcare, etc… That is why this allows you to be in control, and make as much as you want, and with out giving up more time with your family.

4) The last objection I will talk about is the one “I don’t have time for that!”. The fault with this is that they do not realize in most cases, they are using the time to help others make money and they are not. MLM or Networking Companies, you can set your schedule. Maybe at first it is 10 minutes here and there through out the day, and the week. When you start to add customers, and some of them may become business partners. This will allow 10 minutes here and there to multiply among many people and worth more than just your time. And the good new is, you are not giving up 4 or 5 hours that you are making someone else more money. In any business you can work for someone else, they are making money and they have the time with their families and you do not. Is that fair? No!

Now, I am sure I could go on for days talking and sharing on each of these items. I want you to see that these objections are out there and can be overcome. You may have knowledge on how to market, that is great, because you will be successful doing what you know. The bad news is that most people do not have that knowledge, so you really need to grab on to someone that you connect with and has the knowledge and experience that can help YOU.

Cheap Garden Shed – To Save And Enjoy

Money! The one constant that limits thought of undertaking a project like building your own backyard shed. After wrestling with how much you can spend, next comes how to build a shed? The construction of a storage shed has become quite simple. You can actually save money while having the exhilaration of completing the project. This is where some tips can save the budget.

Your project will have a schedule and you must be able to dedicate the necessary time and energy. Do not engage people who constantly opine in a negative fashion. Your project will be an achievement that will make you proud. The money savings will be an added benefit.

The “6 P Method (Prior planning prevents p**s poor performance)” is most important step for a beginner. Searching the web for inexpensive but quality kits starts the savings process on the right foot. You kit should include material list, step-by-step plans, and types of tools that will be needed to complete the project. To save money, you should have access to a source for wholesale material. If not, then your favorite lumber store would be next. Some kits may have the material already included for an additional fee. Again, the budget will dictate the path.

If you have some experience with wood working and reading plans, then a less expensive kit will help the budget. If “newbie” is your title, then spending a little more for the plans might be money well spent. The plans are written to be followed in a precise order to insure the project is completed correctly. Having the door where the window should be will take more money to complete the storage shed than doing it right the first time. So be faithful to the designers who have done this before. Stay the course.

Your friends and neighbors network can be very helpful with advice and may even provide some material, tools and labor. Socialize your project to gather left-over items that will enhance the savings to you. If this shed is to be a show piece, then maybe you would not want to re-cycle items that will cost as much money to upgrade them and to purchase new. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Every step has a cost to time component. Think a little before making a decision.

Maybe you have been doing other projects around the house and have a good rapport with the sales team at the hardware type store. They may have information on sales of items you will need. There are many stores that buy items in bulk. There may be deals to be had. But again, everything you do has a cost to time related value. To save money may cost more time and stall the progress of the shed construction.

Best practices will make the building of the garden shed less daunting. Choose the path within the budget that leads to less stress. Read the plans from start to finish. This will allow the mind to absorb and sense the rhythm of the project. When you do start the project, a deja vu moment will occur. This will have a calming influence and build a can do attitude. Good luck and have an uplifting experience.